Hi there, I’m Brandon from Addin Ventures!

I used to write blogs in Mandarin targeting entrepreneurs, startups, and venture capital in the Taiwan ecosystem. While I plan to continue writing in Mandarin, I will also start writing in English. This decision was influenced by Addin Ventures’ increasing investment in US-facing and international startups, many of which may not be familiar with Mandarin content. As a VC with an Asian background, I believe I can offer unique value to startup founders in the US. However, given that most are not familiar with the Taiwan and Asia software ecosystem, I aim to use my English blog posts as a bridge. These posts will focus on internet trends, network effects, and platform economy, as well as broader topics related to Taiwan and Asia. Inspired by my ex-colleague Natalie Lin from AppWorks, I see this as a fun project and her advice to create more English content to help English-speaking founders learn more about me and Addin Ventures has been sound.

About Brandon

Drawing on my experience at AppWorks Ventures and Cornerstone Ventures, I have established a new venture called Addin Ventures. My approach has always been to use data-driven methods to help startups make informed business decisions and develop effective strategies, investing in companies that have the potential for regional or global expansion. I recognized a gap in the market and saw an opportunity to bridge resources in Taiwan and Asia to help startup founders succeed in entering larger markets like the US.

Thanks to my background in working with both startups and corporations, I bring a unique perspective and can act as a connector to bridge the gap between the two. With my expertise, I can effectively communicate the language spoken by both entities, making it easier to facilitate productive partnerships.

About Addin Ventures

At present, my primary focus is on Addin Ventures, a seed-stage fund that focuses on investing in US-facing startups specializing in AI-enabled services, data-driven digital transformation, and vertical SaaS offerings that drive disruptive innovation in existing industries. Our investments are centered around the US-Taiwan corridor, and we leverage Taiwan and Asia’s resources to help startup founders succeed in entering the US market.

Our cross-border approach allows us to provide valuable insights and resources to startups looking to expand their reach, and we’re committed to supporting these companies in achieving their goals. By investing in the right startups and providing them with the resources and support they need, we’re confident that we can help bring disruptive innovation to a range of industries, ultimately driving growth and success for all parties involved.


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