About Addin Ventures

A US-Taiwan cross-border seed stage fund that invests in US-facing startups specializing in AI-enabled services, data-driven digital transformation, and vertical SaaS.
Go Global is our goal.

Addin Ventures aims to offer additional value to early stage startups.
When resources are limited in the early stages, having a partner who understands and injects value into a startup team can be invaluable.
This is also where Addin Ventures comes in, to help strengthen the platform of startup teams and foster their growth.
Addin Ventures is a seed-stage fund that focuses on investing in US-facing startups specializing
in AI-enabled services, data-driven digital transformation,
and vertical SaaS offerings that drive disruptive innovation in existing industries.

Our Investment Philosophy

At Addin Ventures, we believe that investing in early-stage companies is all about the founding team. We look for teams with strong willpower, intelligence, and execution skills, which together form the "Team" entity, embodying the Heart, Head, and Hand. Intelligence is especially important, as it encompasses logical thinking, a long-term perspective, and a data-driven approach that informs decision-making. Entrepreneurship is about more than just willpower. It's about having a clear vision and understanding who you are as a founder. This is where the right mindset comes in. We want to work with founders who have a "Go Global" mindset and can create a significant impact on a global scale. At Addin Ventures, we're not just investors. We're partners who help founders build and grow their companies. If you're a startup with a strong team and a global mindset, we want to hear from you. Let's work together to create something amazing.


At Addin Ventures, we strongly value integrity and honesty in addition to the 3H (Heart, Head, and Hand) qualities that make up exceptional founders. We strive to work together with entrepreneurs to add more value to the world every day and create a virtuous cycle of goodwill. Our ultimate goal is to foster a culture of trust and mutual respect within the startup ecosystem, where founders and investors can collaborate to achieve greater success.

Data-Diven Methodology

At Addin Ventures, we firmly believe that "Number is the Boss." Any decision-making process that involves gathering information, analyzing data, and executing with agility has a better chance of gaining market recognition and staying ahead of the rapidly changing market. We work closely with entrepreneurs who share this mindset and are committed to achieving their goals through data-driven strategies. Our goal is to help our portfolio companies maximize their potential and achieve their desired outcomes.

Go Global

In the digital software world, the Winner Takes All phenomenon is prevalent. To build a more impactful service, a larger user base is an essential condition, and the Go Global approach has become an irreversible trend. At Addin Ventures, we understand the importance of global expansion and the power of network effects. We partner with ambitious founders who share our vision of creating world-class products and scaling them to reach a global audience. Let's work together to take your business to the next level.